Renting the Hattiesburg Saenger Theater

Hattiesburg’s Historic Saenger Theater hopes to serve as your next performing arts venue. From star-studded productions to receptions and special events, the Historic Saenger Theater provides an elegant atmosphere for show-goers and guests to enjoy while taking in Downtown Hattiesburg’s unique history. For venue availability or more information please call (601) 584-4888 or email


Do you charge additional ticket fees?

Yes, all ticket prices are subject to applicable fees.

What is included in my rental price?

Your rental price includes one continuous eight-hour block of time as well as basic sound and lighting. Also available are a limited amount of tables,  chairs, music stands, and stage lectern.

What does "basic sound and lighting" mean?

"Basic" lighting means that a Saenger staff member will turn on the auditorium lights and stage lights for you at the beginning of your event and turn them off at the end of your event. The stage lighting is commonly called the “stock plot.”  No changes in the stock plot during the rental period will be available. "Basic" sound means that we will connect your CD or MP3 player to our sound system for you to turn on and off as you desire during your event. In addition, we will set up one wireless microphone for your event upon request and conduct a sound check prior to the event.

What if I need more than one wireless microphone and a CD/MP3 player?

Please speak with Saenger staff so that they can provide contact information for one of our Saenger-approved audio/visual specialists.

What items are prohibited from use in the historic Saenger Theater?

Because of our a unique, historic building, certain items are not permitted in the Saenger Theater. The following items are prohibited because they can damage specific parts of the building: glitter (which damages the carpeting and upholstery), feathers (which get into the ventilation system), balloons (which can become trapped in the auditorium or stage ceiling), unapproved tape (which damages the historic finishes), and pyrotechnics or any open flame (which are fire hazards). In addition, we restrict a number of activities. For example, no screwing, drilling, or other modifications may be performed on ANY part of the Saenger Theater at any time. If you need to use tape to hang signs, mark locations on the stage floor, etc., please consult the Saenger staff prior to placing the tape on a theater surface. Some tapes will damage certain surfaces. The Saenger keeps a limited amount of approved tapes and can provide a reasonable amount for your use at no cost. Painting of any type (especially spray paint) is prohibited within the building or on the adjacent sidewalks. All scenery, props, flies, costumes, etc. should be ready for use upon arrival. If you have special needs in this regard, please see the Saenger staff.

What if I need someone to run my CD/MP3 player or other sound equipment, do lighting effects, open and close the curtain, fly scenery in and out, or do other backstage jobs?

The CD/MP3 player can be run by anyone the client desires. However, if sound levels must be changed at the sound board, or if you have equipment that must be tied into our sound system, only Saenger-approved audiovisual specialists can be used. If you have theatrical drops to be hung or anything that requires the use of our fly system, it is crucial that you contact Saenger staff promptly so that they may assist you in arranging for this technical service through one of our approved fly-system operators. These specialized theatrical services will add an extra cost to your event and can be arranged via an approved audio/visual company.

I want to charge admission to my event. What information do I need to do so?

Please contact the Saenger staff to coordinate ticketing for your event. All events where an admission is charged MUST use the Saenger Theater’s ticketing system. The Saenger Box Office utilizes Eventbrite, which allows patrons to purchase tickets online, by phone, and in person at the Saenger Theater lobby. No tickets can be put on sale until the renter has signed and returned the contract, paid required fees, and submitted a copy of necessary talent contracts (where applicable).

Where can I park at the Saenger?

The Saenger Theater does not have a designated parking lot. However, public parking is available in several locations in the downtown area.

I want to offer concessions and/or have a bar at my event. Is this possible?

All food and beverage service is arranged through the Saenger Theater and provided by the Hattiesburg Convention Commission’s food and beverage department. We encourage you to elaborate on the nature of your event so that we may properly theme the concessions to your event. No outside food or beverages are permitted on the premises at any time. The Saenger reserves all alcoholic beverage service rights at the Saenger under a license from the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of the Mississippi Department of Revenue. We realize that alcoholic beverage sales are not for all events. We will work with each client to ensure that any alcoholic beverage service is appropriate for the specific event and guests.